There’s nothing more sensitive that your thoughts and feelings. For this reason, we treat any data you provide us with extreme care. We’re guided by three key principles:

  1. Your data will not be shared for profit. Ever.
    We’ll never share your data with third parties for profit. If you create an account with Rewyre to save your thoughts, we use Firebase, to securely store your profile information. We use Mixpanel to collect analytics data, helping us to make the app more useful. The content of your thoughts are not sent to Mixpanel. For Rewyre Plus members, all billing and transaction information is processed by Apple. We never store or record any financial information.

  2. You’re in control
    When you delete Rewyres in your account, all associated identifiable records are removed. If you contact us and ask for your account to be deleted, every record that links your identity with your usage of Rewyre will be removed.

  3. Transparency & Security
    We’ll never change our policies or start sending data to new partners without letting you know. If you’re concerned about anything about our data policy, or have any questions then please contact us.